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History of Bordentown

Bordentown… “A little City with a lot of charm”

An English Quaker by the name of “Thomas Farnsworth” was the first person to settle this are in 1682. Farnsworth moved up the river from Burlington to make a new home for his family on a windswept bluff over looking a broad bend in the Delaware River. Farnsworth Landing then became the regional center of trade. Joseph Borden, for whom the town is named, arrived here in 1717 he had a line of stage coaches and boats traveling between New York and Philadelphia.

With patriots Colonel Kirkbridge, Colonel Hoagland, Thomas Paine and Francis Hopkinson, (signer of the Declaration of Independence) in residence, the area became a hotbed of revolutionary fervor. In retaliation, the town was occupied by the Hessians in 1776 and pillaged and burned by the British in May and June of 1778.

Other famous residents included Joseph Bonaparte, ex-king of Spain and Naples, his brother Napoleon, and Clara Barton, who in 1843 started the first free public school in New Jersey in the one-room schoolhouse which still stands near the center of town. Ms. Barton later founded the American Red Cross.

Although Bordentown boasts a rich history, it is also a modern community with much to offer residents and visitors alike. Situated at the northern tip of Burlington County and bordering Hamilton Township, it is located at the crossroads of the American Revolution and today’s modern highways. Bordentown enjoys easy access to the culture and commercial advantages of Princeton, Trenton, New York and Philadelphia. Serviced by the New Jersey Turnpike (Exit 7), routes 130 and 206 and interstate 295 and 195.

This “little city with a lot of charm” has a revitalized the business district and offers visitors a pleasant diversion. The towns beautiful and historical significant architecture houses many interesting shops and restaurants, as well as a friendly and caring community.

On behalf of all the staff of The Farnsworth House, we hope you enjoy your stay in Bordentown.

-Walking Distance from “RiverLINE” Rail Station-

Source: http://www.thefarnsworthhouse.com/?q=content/historic-downtown-bordentown



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