bumper repair cues

bumper repair cues

Bumper repair cues

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Article #1

We are an authorized Predator Cue Repair Center

* TIP REPLACEMENT *   s=soft   m=medium   mh=medium hard   h=hard   xh=extra hard
Elk Master s .00
LePro m, h .00
Triangle m .00
Triumph (w/pad) m .00
Sumo h .00
Water Buffalo xh .00
Chandivert (w/pad) m .00
Hercules H2 (laminated tip) m .00
Kamui ss,s,m .00

Moori 3

s, m .00
  Shock pad -black or red .00
Reshape, dress tip,clean and wax ferrule .00
Meucci (PVC) .00*
Aegis .00*
Predator Ferrule Replacement .00*
Ivory .00*
*Add cost of selected tip  
Recondition shaft (clean,remove nicks, seal and wax)
    *With tip replacement
    *With new tip and ferrule


Replace brass insert and reface .00
Replace shaft collar - Ivorine III/black/natural linen 
   (aluminum or colored rings - add .00 each ring)
Retaper shaft .00 +
Re-wrap (Irish linen) .00 +
Re-wrap (Leather) - see materials page for selections .00
Re-wrap (Exotic Leather Embossed) 0.00
Refurbish butt and shaft (clean, wax, press linen) .00
Refinish butt and shaft / rewrap combo 5.00
Replace butt joint collar - Ivorine III/black/natural linen .00
Replace butt cap - Ivorine III/black/natural linen
   (aluminum or colored rings - add .00 each ring)
Replace rubber bumper .00 +
Add or decrease weight of cue .00 +
New shaft - includes LePro tip and joint collar matched as close as possible 0.00
Predator shaft matched to your cue 0.00

Source: http://www.customcuemaker.com/repairs.htm

Article #2

CueWorks, etc. – Pool Cue Repair Services and Products

CueWorks, etc. provides pool cue repair services in the United States and North-East Florida including Gainesville, Lake City, Ocala & Jacksonville

Our Customers Demand High Quality Replacement Cue Products

You don't have to 'settle' for some 'recommended' tip or ferrule just because a billiards repair shop doesn't stock the product(s) you really want. Try asking for a Meucci Original ferrule for your 20 year old Meucci shaft and listen to the "we recommend the 'kiddlescomp' ferrule instead. It's much better and will make you hit a perfect stun-run thru or 3 rail power draw with English. " Other shops say that just because they only stock a .00 PVC plastic ferrule!

Pool Cue Repair Services

Contact Me for Cue Repairs

I prefer a call to my mobile phone, as I can tell you when and where I am or will be, to discuss your repairs. Unless I'm at a venue doing cue repair on-site, I prefer to complete your repairs at my home billiard repair shop in Starke, FL. You are welcome to call for a same day repair appointment. My Q-Lathe and machines to do your cue repair are not as mobile as my portable lathe. Besides, I like listening to Pink Floyd or The Eagles while working on your cue. It helps me to get all the 'misses' out of the shaft so you can 'hit 'em like a champion!

Where to Find Me

Pool Cue Product/Service Updates

We now have G-10 rolled and molded (NOT SHEETS) in stock and are fabricating tenon dowels in combination with composite break/ jump tips and one piece tip/ ferrules as well as joint screws in our prototype “Sneaky Pete's” which will be available mid-summer 2010. More info on these cues available after the BCA Nationals in Las Vegas in May 2011 . I'm taking one of them to the tournament to let some of the other players try it out, to get some feedback. It's going to have a G-10 tip/ ferrule with G-10 tenon, threaded, screwed and glued. I expect it to break and jump with crushing power.............question; is that power going to be controllable? We'll see.

We will do repairs on-the-spot at the shop, while you wait, but call for an appointment time and date convenient to you and us.


Source: http://www.cueworksetc.com/

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Part 1 Replacing Pool Table Rail Cushion/Bumper


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